What is NESnet?

NESnet is an existing network of unused, “dark” fiber-optic cable that runs throughout much of the Nashville metropolitan area, and it could be your direct line to extraordinary telecommunications capabilities.

No thicker than a single strand of human hair, each “dark” fiber has the capacity to support equipment-propelling data at speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second, which is more than 100 times faster than the swiftest DSL or cable offered commercially in the Nashville market.

Nashville Electric Service uses fiber-optic cable to communicate with and monitor its electrical equipment across the city; however, the utility uses only a small percentage of the fibers running through each cable line. The rest of those fibers are “dark,” just waiting for the right customer to light them and put them to use.

Are you the right customer?

If your business demands secure, competitively priced, ultra-high-speed communications, NESnet can be the perfect solution. The 170-mile network of fiber-optic cable is already in place, and the following types of businesses are lining up to plug in:

And the list goes on. Regardless of whether your business fits into the categories above, NESnet can boost your communications capabilities.

What are the advantages of using NESnet as opposed to other conveyors of telecommunications?

Success story

In 2011, the Nashville Symphony partnered with a local communications company to stream a live Béla Fleck concert from the Schermerhorn Symphony Center to the Internet. Given only 13 days’ notice, NESnet stepped in and facilitated the unprecedented broadcast. To get the whole story from Ric Eller scheck out the video on this page.

Did you know?

Using high-speed equipment and NESnet fiber lines, it would take you only 35 minutes to download the entire Library of Congress in digital form.


We asked the folks at iRis Networks, a regional broadband transport company, what they thought of the NESnet service. Here’s what they had to say:

NESnet is a fairly unique product – not a lot of other cities have gotten into this. It’s made it very convenient, economical and useful for us.”
-Richard Ebner, vice president of sales

“The NESnet fibers go hand-in-hand with the equipment that we use, because the fibers we are given from NES are a very good quality. We don’t have to overcome any optical fiber-type issues.”
-Peter De Bono, vice president of engineering

“NESnet is a one-stop-shop facility, and it’s a quick, easy fix for us. NESnet is very economical, and it lets us get to our customers in a timely manner.”
-Mark Cazee, vice president of operations